In 2014 I joined Tembusu Systems who built and deployed the first Bitcoin ATMs in Asia. The company pivoted to fork ripple and add privacy enhancements.

I started messing with ethereum in late 2015, working with the blockchain by hooking into the GETH client. From there I joined HelloGold in Malaysia to develop their blockchain capabilities.

Called upon by many people to help with smart contracts or blockchain interaction, I have ended up consulting to a number of organisations and maintain technical positions in a few of them.

Programming things

I have programmed computers of all sizes from a CDC supercomputer in my days at Imperial College down to the smallest microcontrollers and most points in between.

I have programmed in micro-code, machine code, numerous assembly languages and a lot of high level and domain specific languages. I even designed my own Arithmentic Logic Unit once.

I wrote custom languages for some of the test equipment that I designed and built from the ’80s onward.

There were times that I would learn one or more languages a year. I have taken on projects just so I could try a new language or environment.

About Dave Appleton

I am a software engineer living in Malaysia.

I started programming in 1968 when one of my school teachers suggested that I join a computer club to keep me out of trouble.

It obviously didn’t work because a few years later the university threatened to revoke my computer access for hacking the accounts of postgrad students in order to get extra time to play Adventure.

I started working in a mainframe company evaluating memory circuits. Two years later I used that experience to secure a job at Fairchild Semiconductor in Singapore.

Fourty years on I program Ethereum blockchain applications in Go and Solidity.